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When deciding whether or not to take mirtazapine during pregnancy it is important to weigh up how necessary mirtazapine is to your health against the possible risks to you or your baby, some of which will depend on how many weeks pregnant you are. I wouldn't recommend using amphetamines to counteract the mirtazapine. As a result, symptoms of depression may become worse or motor skills may be affected. This is because alcohol and medicines like mirtazapine affect similar chemicals in the brain.

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Most people experience drowsiness while taking mirtazapine, and alcohol makes this symptom worse. Because the alcohol content in drinks varies, what counts as one drink also varies. Also, as mentioned, a person should learn the effects of mirtazapine on their body before they begin drinking. Mirtazapine is usually taken once a day at bedtime. Mirtazapine can be taken either with or without food. If you forget to take your evening dose you should just leave out that dose and take your morning and evening doses as usual the next day.

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Do not suddenly stop taking mirtazapine unless your doctor tells you to, as this can cause withdrawal symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, agitation and anxiety. On very rare occasions some people have experienced withdrawal symptoms after accidentally missing a dose of mirtazapine. If you feel your depression has got worse, or if you have any distressing thoughts or feelings in these first few weeks, then you should talk to your doctor. Mirtazapine may cause dizziness, sleepiness and reduced concentration. You should avoid drinking alcohol while taking mirtazapine, as it will increase the risk of drowsiness and sedation.

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If you are affected this is most likely to occur within the first few weeks of treatment. Antidepressants may cause the amount of sodium in the blood to drop – a condition called hyponatraemia. Consult your doctor if you experience yellowing of the eyes or skin, or darkened urine while taking mirtazapine, as these may be signs of jaundice. Mirtazapine tablets that dissolve on the tongue may contain aspartame, which is a source of phenylalanine. Mirtazapine may alter the control of your blood sugar. You should consult your doctor for advice straight away if you think you could be pregnant while taking mirtazapine. Mirtazapine passes into breast milk in small amounts.

The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with mirtazapine. You should let your doctor know if you experience any signs of infection while taking mirtazapine, for example flu-like symptoms, high temperature (fever), sore throat or mouth ulcers, so that your blood can be tested. If you experience seizures or fits while taking mirtazapine, consult your doctor immediately, as you may need to stop treatment. Similarly, check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any new medicines while taking mirtazapine, to make sure that the combination is safe. The following medicines may increase the blood level of mirtazapine and could increase the risk of its side effects.

The following medicines may reduce the blood level of mirtazapine and could make it less effective. Mirtazapine may enhance the anti-blood-clotting effect of the anticoagulant medicine warfarin. If you are affected this is most likely to occur within the first few weeks of treatment. This can cause symptoms such as drowsiness, confusion, muscle twitching or convulsions. If your doctor decides that you should continue taking mirtazapine during your pregnancy the baby should be monitored for possible withdrawal effects if you keep taking the medicine up until the birth. Uw arts zal met u bepalen welke behandeling voor u het beste is.

In zeer zeldzame gevallen kunt u juist speekselvloed krijgen. Poets en flos extra goed als u merkt dat u last blijft houden van een droge mond. U kunt het beste even liggen en de benen wat hoger leggen, bijvoorbeeld op een kussen. U heeft dan spierzwakte, koorts, misselijkheid en u voelt u flink ziek. U kunt dit merken aan: trillen, beven, bewegingsdrang, spiertrekkingen, opgewondenheid, verwardheid, angst, koorts, zweten, versnelde hartslag en een verminderd bewustzijn. Geef daarom aan de apotheker door dat u overgevoelig bent voor mirtazapine.

In dit thema leest u bijvoorbeeld wat de wet zegt over medicijnen in het verkeer. Ook als u gewend bent geraakt aan mirtazapine, kunt u door het gebruik van alcohol erg suf worden. In de tekst hieronder staan alleen de werkzame stoffen van deze medicijnen, dus niet de merknamen. Fluvoxamine kan de hoeveelheid mirtazapine in het bloed doen toenemen.